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sci_fi40 [userpic]
Uploading troubles
by sci_fi40 (sci_fi40)
at October 25th, 2006 (06:14 pm)
current mood: determined

So, I'm having issues uploading the files that I have. I got one up on megaupload, but it took 24 hours and it was to big for a regular account to download. I'll try something else, but in the mean time if anyone else has links they'd like to share please post to the appropriate thread.


sci_fi40 [userpic]
by sci_fi40 (sci_fi40)
at October 1st, 2006 (03:39 pm)
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current mood: hopeful

Welcome to Spooks/MI-5 episode downloads. I created this community because I was having difficulty finding the episodes of this great British Spy Drama. My Goal is to create a community where fans will share the episodes with other fans but uploading them to a site like Megaupload of Upfile and posting the link here. This will help fans like myself who have trouble with torrent sites. The disgraceful manner in which A&E has treated this show here in the US is what sparked me to create this community and I hope that it will help to unite fans from all over and allow those of us who can't see it on television to remain caught up on this great show.

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